Victory Outreach South Africa


Victory Outreach


Victory Outreach South Africa is a free rehabilitation centre with facilities in Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban.

Our Cape Town facility has been in existence for over 6 years. We specialize in reaching out to the inner cities of the world. We have seen a countless number of lives changed through the Power of God.

Victory Outreach is the recognized leader in the field of sustainable transformational ministry. Since 1967 we have helped thousands of people take control of their lives.

From our simple beginning, we have grown into an international organization, carrying the hope and message of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth.

Throughout the years, we have strived for excellence. We have reorganized our corporate structure to enhance administration and facilitate growth. We have provided state of the art training for our pastoral staff and leadership, and have raised the expectations of our staff to new levels of proficiency.

We have taken steps to make sure the legacy of Victory Outreach continues for generations to come.

In over 700 Victory Outreach churches and centers worldwide, it is compassion that triumphs…faith that endures.


Our History

Since our humble beginning in 1967, Victory Outreach grew from one church to a worldwide network of over 600 churches and ministries, with locations across America and in 30 countries from the Philippines to the Netherlands. We have grown into one of the largest inner-city ministries in the world meeting the needs of people from all walks of life.

For over 40 years, Victory Outreach has trained and equipped men and women to reach their full potential in life, whether it is establishing a church, building a career, or growing and nurturing a family.

The following timeline illustrates the growth and development of Victory Outreach International. In 1967, our vision was to reach Los Angeles. This vision broadened to include California, then all of America, then the entire world.

Reaching Los Angeles

Victory Outreach was founded in 1967 by Sonny and Julie Arguinzoni when they invited people from their local community — people they did not know — into their own home. They shared the basic truth of the Gospel: God loves them and has the power to change their lives. Victory Outreach was born and began to flourish.

Reaching California

In the early 1970s, members of Pastor Sonny’s church felt an overwhelming sense of destiny: They dared to believe God and stepped out in faith starting Victory Outreach churches across California. They had little financial support, and in some cases, had no friends or contacts in cities they embraced as their own. Faith began to swell in the heart of every Victory Outreach member.

Reaching America

In the 1980s, Victory Outreach emerged to the forefront of mission-focused ministries. Churches were planted across America. Some of the churches began to grow to over 1,000 members. This success spurred the next daring move: A cross-cultural church planted in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Reaching the World

From the 1990s onward, it has been a time of explosive growth for the ministry, both here and abroad. Currently, a full one-third of all Victory Outreach churches planted are overseas which has added a strong international flair to the ministry. However, the primary focus of the ministry continues to be meeting needs within America.

We are poised on the brink of a new era of growth and development. The ministry of Victory Outreach is as exciting today as was the day it was founded 40 years ago.

Visit the Pretoria Site Here > Pretoria
Visit the Cape town site Here > Cape Town

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71 Comments Add yours

  1. Anzele says:

    Do you have a centre in Durban?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. zinakile says:

    my names is zee. I’m only 24.. I really hate my self for doing this to my self.. I just lost my job and this is a result of my stupid addiction to drugs.. I am originally from bloemfontein and I don’t want to go back a shame.. I need your help. I don’t have money.. I really need to get my life back in order.. I can’t stop smoking.. I am smart enough to realize that I am addicted to this crap I smoke.. and I know that this leads to the worst of ends in my life.. I am scared.. please help me.. please contact me 0836180831.. I believe that I am destined for great things in life

  3. Shamooda yaghya-bester says:

    Good day

    My cousin needs help she is addicted to meth. She really wants to stop but cannot do it alone.

    How can she join your program at victory outreach?

    Kind regards

    1. Tian Reagon says:

      Hi there Please contact them using the details on their page. Thanks

  4. Thokozani says:

    h there, my son is in to whoonga and I”m struggling to find a rehab centre since Im not working. Please help.

  5. I have my friend’s son who need spiritual help,he is an ex satanist

  6. kaylib says:

    hi my uncle who lives with us is a drug addict we tried to get help but it was too costly .. do you have a branch in durban that he can attend ? hope to hear from you soon .God bless .

  7. Titus Makhanya says:

    At tyms we feel we have failed so much we are not going 2 win well my friend I have fantastic news 4 u…u won the 1st race u participated in out of millions if notv billions of sperm cell u wer the fastest n the most on point shouldnt that be telln u sumtin if not il tell u ur a winner by nature…I was once told a very knowledgable man Pastor Peter Brits from Beyond Adventure River Group P.E…This run is 4 GOD N u Major Brits…

    1. Joyce says:

      Hi i need help for my son

  8. Titus Makhanya says:

    hi my name is Titus and need deliverance from herion and crack addiction i live in Mokopane Limpopo but by GOD’s grace am being register to a Christian rehab which is similar in crieteria to u’lls centre who knows might be coming to yol…May the Gracious GOD JEHOVA keep u 4 many more years ther is tons of us out ther cryn from the inside needn pple lyk u n most of all needn GOD’s intervention n mercy…I pray GOD pavzz yol ways 2 keep on keepn on…2 U ALL OUT DER IN THE SAME PRIDICEMENT LETS RUN BACK TO GOD OUR FATHER JST LYK A CHILD RUN BCK TO THEIR PARENT AFTER BEING NAUGHTY/MESSING UP…DEAR LORD I SURRENDER TO THEE MY BLESSD SAVIER I ASK THAT YOU FORGIVE ME OF ALL MY SINS CONSIOUS OR NON-CONSIOUS,I BELIEVE WITH ALL OF MY HEART THAT JESUS DIED 4 MY SINS ON THE CROSS AND WAS RAISED ON THE THIRD DAY BY THE FATHER[GOD] I AM BORN AGAIN AND WILL STUDY YOURWORD FROM THIS DAY ON THAT I LIVE ACCORDING 2 YOUR WAYS …THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING ME…

  9. jodene says:

    Hi there my brother is a heroine addict and I would please like an email address or contact number so I can get hold of you and find out more

  10. Shaun says:

    Hi please can I have contact details. The number you have here the mailbox is full.

  11. Patricia says:

    Goodday im a single mom battling with my daughter thats a tik addict she has a son of 4 who is in my care shes in jail at the moment but when she comes out she wants help everybody has given up on her im asking in Jesus name pls to help me

  12. I A Carninov says:

    I need help for my son in Jhb area

  13. Patience says:

    Hi I have 17yrold son who is addicted to Cat nd dagga ,he steals at home and hez not doing well at school I would really like him to go to rehab because he has admitted that he needs help ,we are a Christian family who really needs your organisation to help us ….Please help I don’t know what to do .

  14. Charming shellar the says:

    Hello need help with my grandson he doesn’t want to admit he has a problem I’m sure he is on something had him tested but it only showed dagga he says stuff coming out his body an we all evil he grew up in the church an doesn’t want to go to college or work please help me I live around the corner where u are

  15. Lisa says:

    I need to get my sister rehabilitated , please can someone contact me for further details via email.
    Kind regards
    Lisa Van Loggenberg

  16. Georgina niven says:

    I have a grandson wh o is on cat has been in rehab before his father died a drug addict. I have no more money to help him what can I do? His grandmother

  17. Kediemetse says:

    I have a nephew who is on Nyaope and he steals. His parents have passed on and he was raised by my mom and had the best in life. He is a born again christian. He really needs help.

  18. fola Soyebo says:

    I currently run a girls home in Nigeria, would like to start a drug rehab home very soon, I just watched Natasha Baartman on treasures, could she come nd pioneer the opening of this home, in Lagos

  19. johanna says:

    Can you help my sisterson. Addicted to dagga and Tik. In and out of prison. Where he is at present. Live in the streets before. Have a 5 yr old girl who stay with us. He want to be helped . I visit your church in Goodwood but don’t know who to talk with. he will be release on the 29 th of June .I told him I will get in contact with you people. Please help.

  20. mthandazo Ndlovu says:

    I am a Narconon trained drug education and rehabilitation specialist and would like to join your team in creating drug free healthy and productive lives

  21. Vanessa says:

    Hi I have a close friend that is slowly killing himself with Cat and alcohol. He suffered a big loss and it seems to be the way he is coping with it. Lost his job and everything else because of it. He is in desperate need of help, rehabilitation and help with the emotional problems that caused all of this. Please, can you help?

  22. Danielle says:

    Hi im desperately seeking help for my brother.
    His addicted to tik and dagga.
    He wants to be helped, but has failed doing so on his own. Me and my mom has supported him thus far, but we need guidance in dealing with the problem.
    Can you please help.

  23. shamiela says:

    Hi do you have a office in jhb

  24. Mandla says:

    Goodday,my name is Manela from Swaziland (former graduate of a Christian drug rehab in Swaziland known as Teen Challenge Lighthouse) and am currently serving as the Executive Director of an Evangelistic ministry that reaches those in Prison called Prison Fellowship Swaziland (affiliated to Pfinternational).I would like to connect with your ministry especially the aspect of reaching the last,least and lost in prisons….how can we meet.

  25. Adam Krzysztalowski says:

    Guys, i am from a church based drug rehabilitation and combating initiative. If anybody you know is in Johannesburg and needs help you may kindly refer them to us. Apart from that we need to know if there are any rehab centers willing to work with nyaope addicts? As we are struggling to rehabilitate them without any long term facility. My number is 071 527 2654. My email address is

  26. Moeneebah says:

    Hi there im, i was on drugs, an was a muslim, but on sunday 22/11/2015 i gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ, my Pastor said as soon as i stop smoking ciggarettes i will be babtized. Im goin strong 2 weeks drug free, 3 days ciggarette free, but i still need rehabilitation to prove to my soon to be x-husband an court. Please can u assist me, i dont want to loose my 7yr old boy. Many thanks

  27. Jenande says:

    Hi. Can someone please contact me on – as soon as possible?

    Have a few urgent questions and need help equally as urgent. Please send me phone number that I can call.

    Thank you


  28. joann says:

    Blessings.I just want to know what I must do do get my son into the program for drug addiction.i don’t know what to do anymore.its only through Gods grace in still strong.bless you all

    1. Hi there, pls mail me on for info. Thanks

  29. Roxanne says:

    Hi my son Jose Gutierrez is attending the U.T.C. just want to say Thank you for giving him this opportunity of being the man of God he i called out to be

  30. Heather says:

    Good day

    I have a 36 year old elsdest son who is so entangled and blinded by the drug world. satan has really caused so much havoc in his life. This time God is his answer and he realises that in a big way. Please let me know how soon I can get him into your facility and how long does he need to stay? Regards Heather

    1. Hi there, pls mail me on for info. Thanks

  31. Essie says:

    Good Day
    I’ve tried all avenues for my son to come of the drugs. It is as if he is in series bondage, He is double minded. He can be ready for church service and suddenly just change his mind. He behaves like a mentally disturbed person.
    I need an institution that is Christian based and long-term.. I believe God can deliver him. He knows the Bible and he knows how to pray. The enemy is robbing and destroying him from his destiny.
    Please help
    Aunty E –

    1. Hi there, pls mail me on for info. Thanks

  32. donbadi says:

    hi believe your doing an excellent work throuhg the grace of friend and me visist your service randomly and has grow tremendously.all of gods bless bestow on your lives.thank you.

  33. rachel says:

    Good afternoon I really need heelp 4 my steph suster she had a child of9 she is on TIK I see it more than a here the diffrence but she always said she dnt but lastweek she confess 2 me &need Help she dnt work she ove 30years old Please help me 2 help her in Jesus Mighty Name thanx

  34. Calvin says:

    Please help me i am a meth user & i want to quit but i cant im a 33yr old male from Roosendal in Delft im unemployd & have no1 i can turn 2.I am a backslider & i’ve been trying 2 pick myself up but i geuss that im just weak,im in a very dark place in my life & becaus of my longing 4 sum1 to care but it seems like no1 does not even my own family cuz we were raised not 2 talk about our feelings i keep hearing the devil preach suicide but i also remember the scripture that says GOD knows the plans he has 4 me plans not 2 harm u or foresake u but 2 prosper u & 2 love u so i keep on believing in GODs power & love.So please i begg u guys 2 please pray 4 me & cuz i dont have money 4 airtime i ask u from the bottom of my heart 2 contact me on 0840601780 or email me please i need 2 get my life back that the devil stole from me & i hope that all u guys will recieve even more blessing in ur future endevuois thank u

    1. Mich says:

      I pray God take control over your addiction it will be done in Jesus name Amen

  35. Julian says:

    Hi I’m a tik addict,I just got out of prison a week ago and I need help,please help me?!!? I heard bout your program in prison and it sounds good

  36. Adele says:

    Have you got a church in Gauteng, How do you get someone into your rehab centres.

    1. Razia Vizasie says:

      Hi Adele, yes we do, it is at 242 Fakkel street Silverton the office number is 012 804 47773

    2. Razia Vizasie says:

      Hello yes we do have, the location is 242 Fakkel street, Silverton Pretoria, and office number is 012 804 7774.

  37. Leke Johnson says:

    Great work. Keep the fire burning by His grace.

  38. max opperman says:

    hi can you please help my son. he was on christal and is at the moment at krugersdorp prison for osesion of drugs. his court casewill be on the 23 oct. he wants despretley to be helped to get clean. is there any way you can help plradr. he is 32,

    1. pastordre says:

      Hi you can please call our office at (021) 691-9575

      1. jacques says:

        I can help GOD willing

  39. Liezel says:

    I need urgent help with my nephew . Please contact me urgently.

    1. pastordre says:

      Hi you can please call our office at (021) 691-9575

  40. Faye Marchant says:

    Good morning, I am in desperate need of your help with my niece Leah. It started years ago where she was involved in the motor vehicle accident where she lost both her brother and father. She never received any counselling and started rebelling from an early age, which lead from dagga and now it is TIK & UNGA. She has sold her mother’s belongings,ran away from home for days on end, and is now @ the beginning stages of an initiation into one of the worst gangs on the Cape Flats. I PLEA for assistance as I don’t know where to turn anymore, I don’t want to loose her to this horrible world,
    Yours in Faith
    Faye Marchant

    1. pastordre says:

      Hi you can please call our office at (021) 691-9575

  41. Geraldine Clayton says:


    I have a cousin Ashley Fredericks heavily addicted to tik. He constantly send me messages to assist him to get into a rehab. I have no knowledge of tik counselling though although I do community outreach for our Jesus Christ, He knows I am a prayerful Christian and take no nonsense and must have purpose on crying out. Please help me with guidance, if I can assist him to get into a free rehab inpatient programme. He has already been written off by his immediate family.. Geraldine Clayton from Mitchells’s Plain Cape Town..Please help and God bless you.

  42. My daughter Tisa is seriously affected/depressed from longterm alcohol addiction and needs healing on a Christian basis, although she has not -yet- accepted JC as Her Savior. At this stage she does not know what to do but as a committed Christian father I pray that God will lead the way to permanent healing.
    Please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss the way forward.
    My daughter lives in Fish Hoek, Cape Town and I live in Betty’s Bay.
    My phone number 082 824 9022,
    Bless your faithful outreach and shalom – Paul

    1. Hi there i have forwarded your mail to someone who will be in touch with you soon.

    2. pastordre says:

      Hi you can please call our office at (021) 691-9575

  43. Monique says:

    good day

    our family needs your help with my cousin being addicted to cocaine and meth. he’s lost everything and has now told us we wants help. he had to be admitted to an assylum do to excessive drugs use. where do we go from here? do you have contact details please

    1. Hi there i have forwarded your mail to someone who will be in touch with you soon.

  44. Dick says:

    Hi. How long is the program for drug rehabilitation and what is the cost of the program. Kind regards

    1. pastordre says:

      Hi you can please call our office at (021) 691-9575 and it is Free

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