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SANCA National Drug And Alcohol Awareness Week starts today

24 Jun 2013

Recent research has shown that cannabis and alcohol are still the most commonly abused drugs and that 5.7 million South Africans are likely to suffer from some or other addiction in their lifetime.

For this reason, SANCA National Drug and Alcohol Awareness week will be taking place this week, 24 – 28 June 2013. The week coincides with the United Nations International Drug Day on 26 June. The official global slogan for the international day is ‘Make health your new high in life not drugs’. Read More
  • INCB Annual Report 2012 

Based on its activities, INCB publishes an annual report that is submitted to ECOSOC through the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.  The report provides a comprehensive overview of the drug control situation in various parts of the world.  As an impartial body, INCB tries to identify and predict dangerous trends and suggests necessary measures to be taken.  In its Annual Report, the Board makes recommendations to Governments and international organizations for improving the global drug control situation.Read More

  • New psychoactive substances pose severe challenges to public health systems, says UNODC Chief at high-level launch of World Drug Report 2013

26 June 2013 – UNODC’s Executive Director Yury Fedotov warned today at a special meeting of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) that the use of new psychoactive substances (NPS) is growing. He said concerted action was needed to prevent the manufacture, trafficking and abuse of these substances. Read More

  • 2013 World Drug Report: stability in use of traditional drugs, alarming rise in new psychoactive substances

26 June 2013 -The 2013 World Drug Report released today in Vienna shows that, while the use of traditional drugs such as heroin and cocaine seems to be declining in some parts of the world, prescription drug abuse and new psychoactive substance abuse is growing. In a special high-level event of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov urged concerted action to prevent the manufacture, trafficking and abuse of these substances. Read More

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