Our Fear – 22 April 2016

Fear keeps us from reaching our full potential.

We are made brave by constantly resisting our fears.

  • Tian Reagon

During active addiction it is fear that kept us doing the same thing every day. We had a fear that if we didn’t, we would not be able to make it through the day successfully. We needed to use in order to face a situation or experience a certain level of relaxation. We needed to use to over come sickness or deal with pain (emotional or physical). This longing for our drug was a fear within our selves that said; “We are not good or strong enough to make it alone.”

Overcoming Fear

Over coming fear is one of the hardest challenges we will face in life as fear stems from a lie that we choose to believe. It takes a certain level of courage to step out in bravery with fear. And as soon as we choose to do that, the fear subsides and is replaced by truth.

I can do all thing, through Christ who strengthens me.      (Phillipians 3:13)

Today, remind yourself that you can achieve all things through Christ our strength and that God will not allow you to go through anything that you can not handle. Everything you need to over come and face the world for what it is has already been placed inside of you. Christ has already given us the victory all we need to do is live it. Choose life and enjoy every moment.

Be Happy, Make a Difference and smile because if you not smiling you’re doing it wrong!

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