Our Time

Some days are better than others, but its so easy to fall into a place of regret and self pity. Remembering the time wasted in life on fruitless endeavors.

The enemy will use our emotions and our mind to keep us in this place of sorrow and despair. The longer we entertain this, the longer we will stay exactly where we are and nothing in our lives will change. It is up to each one of us to brave the cold, get out of our comfort and make a change. It doesn’t matter how much time has past or how much still lies ahead, it matters what we do with the time that God has given us. With the right mind and spirit we are able to achieve so much more than we would have ever achieved before. This could be just the time that God has been preparing you for, developing your character so that greatness could come out from within.

Today i want us to remind ourselves:

“My time is not up”
“There is still so much instore for my life”
“I can achieve anything with the right mind and spirit”

Allow God to be God in your life, and for you, Just Be You. And the best you, You can Be.

We determine our actions, but the outcome is determined by God. Although without action there can be no outcome. Make a change today and don’t let the factor of time distract you. As time is of no essence to God.

Be happy, Make a Difference and Smile, Cos if you not smiling “You’re doing it wrong!!” Have a terrific Day.