Our Stability – 20 April 2016

To overcome motion sickness take your focus to the horizon.

It is so easy to act out of our emotional state. During active addiction acting on our emotions is something we did constantly.
We experience emotions in order to allow us the ability to enjoy life. Take a magnificent sunset or good music for instance, how would we enjoy it without feeling the emotion of the moment.

Even our usage was based upon emotional reward. We used in order to experience an emotion of comfort, security or fulfillment. Emotions are part and parcel of life, its an aspect of God’s character that makes us like Him (we are made in the image of God).

The problem comes in when we decide to allow our emotions or feelings to dictate to us. When we allow it to determine our behavior, to the extent that it goes against what we believe in. Our emotions are unstable and unreliable, and making choices and decisions upon them would make our lives unstable.
One thing I found that really helped me is to, live off the Word of God instead of my emotions. The Word of God is the same yesterday, Today and tomorrow. It is stable and reliable.

Today I want us to remind ourselves that our emotions dont dictate our action. And in the same breath to enjoy every moment for what it is.

Jesus Christ, the same yesterday today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8