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Drug addiction is on the increase in Cape Town and the broader communities. Many of us can say that we are affected in some way or another by the problem of addiction. Whether it be a family member or friend. I myself was once caught in the grips of the vicious cycle called addiction.
Thanks to the never-failing unending Grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I can now stand with my head held up high and proclaim my faith without condemnation.
This inspired me to start this blog,
“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony”

Thus this blog is for testimonies of any kind, support for families that are struggling, a source of information etc…….

They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity for people are slaves to whatever has mastered them. (2 Peter 2:19)

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  1. Thalia says:

    Hi There, please can you send me details/costs as I know two young brothers who are heroine addicts but are very keen for help.
    Thank you.

  2. vicky says:

    Pleas can you help me? I am a drug addict and about to loose my family because of it. Can you please help me? Contact n e please before it is ti late phone me on ————

  3. vicjy says:

    Pleas I need help for myself cancyou PLEASE contack me?

  4. I A Carnino says:

    I need help for someone in Jhb

  5. Emeli Eden says:

    Good Day

    I desperately need help help for my brother who is using a drug Known as CAT and now I fear he will use Heroine , please help as he is currently homeless.

    he has been homeless for a month now.

  6. rene says:

    Hi my name is rene and I am desperately seeking help for my brother who is using Tik. Can u contact me.

  7. Reinette Nel says:

    Good day
    I am a resident of Mossel Bay. We have an informal coloured settlement at Kleinbrak (Powertown) where tik dagga and alcohol abuse is rife amongst the young people. There had been 3 drug related murders in the area recently (3 young girls brutally killed) – the police is still investigation. The adjacent community is helping the people of Powertown where they can, handing out food, doing recreation work amongst the young and old, having church services – I have a bible study group for the aged ladies and so forth.

    But what I think is really needed is to reach the young people with information (in Afrikaans – but it can be translated) on the abuse of these substances. What we have in mind is to hand to the personally (maybe 100/150 people) such information sheet preferably a nice colourful simple pamphlet and together with this a spiritual message and a physical gift such as a nice ‘trademark friendly’ beanie or something similar which they can be proud of to wear/use – we will try and get sponsors for this.

    If you cannot help could you kindly refer me to organisations which will.
    Looking forward to your assistance.
    Kind regards
    Reinette Nel
    044 620 2771
    072 2777 660

    1. Hi there, pls mail me on tianreagon@gmail.com for info. Thanks

  8. Marlene says:

    Need help for my 20year old son with his drug addiction. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  9. Warren says:

    Desperately in need of help with my brother in law that’s using tik he is about 2 loose everything including his wife and children can anybody pls tell us how to go about 2 get him in a rehab we stayin in port elizabeth or leave us the contact number of sheperds fielf rehab

  10. Papi mahuma says:

    I just read your mail and wsa wandering whether you have manage to get help . For my sister son she smoke drug my siste she not working please she need you help please god bleess you

  11. Vilna Badi says:

    Hi Tian,

    I just watched “Treasures” on TV and tried to search for the Pretoria offices of Victory Outreach but could not get it on your website.

    I work in the streets of Sunnyside in Pretoria and have had endless troubles in getting hold of real Christian Rehabs who could help people for free.

    None of the people that I work with can afford rehabs as they are usually homeless junkies and prostitutes. I also deal with addicted children under 12 and I have no where to take them.

    Please kindly advise me of what you have to offer.

    Warm regards,

    Vilna Badi

  12. confused says:

    When I was 21 I started using and I mean in a very bad way but I only used cat I had a wake up call 4 yrs later and stayed clean for 7 years now it feels like I’m getting suck in again it’s been only one line a month but I need it to stop as i know it’s wrong but when I go out that once a month I want just one line and I have so much too lose please pray for me

  13. Elmarie Vorster says:

    About 3 years ago I had contact with René (I think). I’m a Pastoral Therapist, specializing in Drug & Alcohol Abuse amongst youngsters. I’ve worked in Rehabs like “SANCA West Rand Rehabilitation Centre in Florida, whereby I’ve worked with the adult inpatients, did the Group-sessions every morning and developed and manage a Youth Programme in the afternoons. I left the clinic in 2006, cause there whole believe-system change in such way that I wasn’t allowed to talk in the Groups about Christianity and some of the Therapists used “strange” therapeutic methods like working with crystals etc. In the meantime the Clinic went private. The last time I had contact with Sheperdsfield is when I was looking for a place for a young girl. Due to NO recources in Eastern Cape for our youngsters, she’s now at Noupoort.

    My actual question is, don’t you have maybe a relief, temporarirly or half-day post available? I’m staying now for 5 years in Cradock and is really, really missing my work in the rehab. And it’s a huge frustration to work with these youngters, but there’s no place for proper treatment and healing!!

    Please let me know if you’ve got something available!

    Kind regards & God Bless ur wonderful work!!

    Elmarie Vorster

  14. jane says:

    Hi i just wanned to knw if i can get ur contact details nd cost nd their are a few questions i would like to ask plz

  15. Braam November says:

    My sister baby son is having a drug problem – we need help urgently ..she raise them without a father and is very difficult for her to stand in place as a mother and father at the same time . I don’t know his age , they come from the area of Fisantekraal . We don’t have the money to sent her son to expensive rehab places.. If u can help my sister GOD will wake that way when they seems there be now way.GOD bless

    1. Ashley Potts says:

      Hello Braam.

      Just read your mail and was wondering whether you have managed to get help for your sister. If not, please make contact with any one of my offices and they should be able to link you to closest possible service she could access.. or service as with many you may not know of is relatively cheap and free at Mitchell’s Plain.

      Observatory branch is 0214478026
      Mitchell’s Plain is 0213910216

      Mon to Fridays


  16. Grete Rossouw says:

    Hi My name is Grete, working as a Social Worker at Beth Rogelim Men’s Home, where a friend or yours, Patrick is a chef in our kitchen. Patrick told me about your excellent reputation as rehab. A young man of 29 years has been through rehab after rehab and since he has been kicked out of another one, he is back on the street again. Please let me know what your fees are, since Clive does not have family assistance in this regard.

    Thank you for the work you are doing.

    Grete, Rossouw
    Beth Rogelim Men’s Home

  17. Jacqueline says:

    Thank you all for the great work..please keep my family and brother Jody in your prayets.GOD bless

  18. marianne says:

    coooool! Lovely new fresh website!

    1. Lynne Hobson-Jones says:

      Please can you supply me with a telephone number, I am only able to get a fax number. Thanks

  19. LDL DesignZ says:

    I like the new look man. Content is on point too. Praise Jesus

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